Josh: We just watched a few minutes of a MacGuyver episode: MacGuyver escapes from the villain’s mansion of doom, and the villain said "Don’t worry, I’ll get him back"
Josh: Then he goes over the loudspeaker and shouts, "MacGuyver, come back!"
me: he he
me: works every time
Josh: Yeah, it was pretty convincing
me: was it the British master of disguise?
Josh: It was some guy named Quayle, and he had a bad moustache
me: it’s tough to outsmart a man with a mullet
Josh: But he had his dumb boss with him, which slowed him down
me: heavyset bald men make the best secret agents
Josh: Hehe
Josh: He always seems to be a few steps behind, and he’s only there when there’s not a blonde chick to say, "I finally see what you’re doing!"
me: he he
me: oh, you mean the mustached guy?
Josh: No, his boss
Josh: I don’t know how he got to the top, because his whole career is following MacGuyver around and trying to figure out what he’s doing
me: he he
me: if only he had a lustrous mullet
Josh: The show might have been called Thornton

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