We went to the zoo Saturday.
New exhibits included baby alligators,
naked mole rats and a couple of baby orangutans. I came to realize how
boring pictures you take at the zoo are when you look at them later. I mean,
there are a lot better animal pictures out there on the net than the ones you’re taking.
Maybe they’re good for desktop backgrounds or photoshopping material.
Anyway, I figured out my favorite zoo activity. Kids at the zoo tend to have
a habit of rudely crowding you out of whatever exhibit you’re looking at.
Doesn’t matter if it’s interesting or not, just as long as you make it look
interesting. So, I started finding exhibits that were empty or where the animal
was out of view and I’d stare intently at some part of the exhibit. Soon,
the kids would gather round in a sort of competition to see the animal before the
other kids. Then I would walk away giggling to myself like a goob.

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