I saw in the Blue Room playlist, Dinosaur Jr. covering The Cure’s Just Like Heaven. Thought, “I’m going to hate this.” (I disliked Dinosaur Jr…too generic.) Strangely, it turned out to be amusing enough…especially the heavy metal screams.

There’s a homeless woman with a dog whom I usually see in a tiny grass area in the center of the PNM buildings. I’m not sure if she lives there or not. There are some benches there and she has several bags with her. If she does live there, I guess you could call her the resident of PNM.

Yesterday, we briefly went to a park to watch part of a rugby tournament. We had no idea what was going on. One odd thing was that when they toss the ball in from out of bounds, both teams each have two guys lift a guy up to catch it. Some players wear things that look like wrestling helmets.

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