10/25/2002 lunch

Went to the grand opening of Thai Crystal restaurant on Gold Street. Free food (at least that’s what
the e-mail said.) I walked up to the buffet, got some food and went deep into the restaurant
and sat down and ate. I was at a small table against the wall right next to some important
looking people.
Apparently, I may have encroached on their space. It’s amusing what you can get away with by not
looking anyone in the eye and pretending to have no peripheral vision. When I was almost done eating,
a waiter came and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. Can’t get annoyed at the service though,
since it was a big crowd for the grand opening and I just walked over to a table at random.
So, final impression of the restaurant: food is good. Dunno about prices since it was free.
Upscale-looking place like several of the new places downtown. Aiming for art-crowd clientele I’m guessing,
since you can find other Thai buffets in town that will probably have lower prices but ain’t as purty.
It’s the kind of place where the 3 stooges would start flinging pies at the debutantes.

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