The other day, I watched a movie I hadn’t known existed.
Dr. Who and the Daleks
from 1965
with Peter Cushing.
Instead of an evil imperial governor on the death star, he was
a scientist grampa. Of course, the movie was completely inconsistent with the series.
I also saw an episode of Dr. Who where The Doctor and Ramona spend much of the
episode running through Paris to get to the TARDIS to stop the bad guy from
going back in time himself to do some evil deed. Why do they have to run,
since they have a time machine and they are about to go back in time anyway?
My conclusion is that running across Parisian crosswalks through traffic without any signals
must be great fun. One amusing thing was that this episode included John Cleese.

Did a bit of 3-player arcade gaming over the internet the other evening
using Kaillera. It made me realize how I miss
the cooperative effort missing in a lot of games. Even when a modern 32-player
game is supposed to be team-based, people rarely act as a team. But when your
three characters are forced to act together on the same screen, it really adds

We went over to the mum-in-law’s new
Filipino store/fastfood mart as they were beginning to stock the
shelves. It might be open around the beginning of next month. There was a lot of stuff
I hadn’t heard of. i.e.
Chiz Curls.
Do you like picha? 🙂 (Working on my Filipino accent.)

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