What was the inventor of some of this shell scripting stuff thinking? Take ksh for example. “I think I’ll make a language that goes insane if you put spaces around an equals sign. Yeah, that’ll be hilarious. Let’s do some cute things with backwards words too…I was always a fan of that.”

It’s the video to the Nigerian hit, I Go Chop You Dollar. The singer sings about how the 419 Nigerian email scams are just a game. He is da winna. You are da losa.

Download (54 MB zip file) acoustic cover versions of some famous 80’s songs and TV themes from The B.A. Baracus band. There’ll be at least one in there you hate…and maybe even one you like.

As I rode my bike home from the bus last night, I realized it’s dark now while I’m riding. Time to get out the old magnet powered bike light so I wouldn’t get run over. Amazingly, I got it working on the bike.

Technical stuff: 0, Nathan: 1

Vanessa told me last night that the doorbell isn’t working. I looked up on the internet how to fix them. Connected wires at button manually. No go. Chime seems ok. There’s supposed to be a transformer hiding in a closet somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

Technical stuff: 1, Nathan: 1

The Sharkport came in that would let me write out a savegame from the internet that turned off the corner dance pad buttons while playing DDR Extreme so that we could actually play it. (Turns out the “Sharkport” is just a USB crosslink cable and some software on both sides.) I hooked it up and put the blue disc into the PS2. Turns out blue is the PS2’s least favorite disc color and it choked. Turns out the old PS2 wouldn’t even read old PS1 games. No way technical stuff is going to beat me this evening. Looked it up on internet and it turns out I need to realign the CD laser. After getting confused as to which version of PS2 I had, I finally get it open and fix it by around midnight. Corner buttons in the game are turned off…and we’ve only had the game for a year now.

Technical stuff: 1, Nathan: 2…Nathan wins! Unprecedented!

The Rapid Ride buses in Albuquerque now have free wireless internet! “All of the city’s 12 Rapid Ride vehicles now have wireless web access. There are 83 hot spots along the route that allow the buses to establish a connection from zone to zone.” I was browsing the web on the PSP this morning. Beefity. Now I can read slashdot while trying to figure out what that interesting bus smell is coming from.

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