Vanessa pointed out that you can look up
DWI history information
for a person in New Mexico and it will give you their driver’s license number.
Between that and the various searches
you can do at the Bernalillo County Treasurer site, it looks like there’s plenty
of information about people in Albuquerque to go around whether you like it or not. I
suppose all of this is a matter of public record but it’s odd that that site displays drivers
license numbers.

It appears that BBC DJ John Peel has passed away.
A lot of bands got their start on his show because
he played demo tapes and CDs from new bands. (When a new
band played on his show, it was called a “Peel Session”.)
Interesting that
he was still in it at the age of 65. One of the most notable
facts about him was that you couldn’t understand a word he said.

Ever wonder how RFID tags get their power remotely?

Wonder no more
. Summary: it involves power fairies and radio dust. (just kidding)

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