I’ve been listening to the old book, The Invisible Man in mp3 form. It’s a good story so far. During the first part of the story, we learn that there are strange things about the main character. Unfortunately, the explanation is kinda given away by the fact that the story is called The Invisible Man.

I was thinking it would be funny to chat with a lawyer and feel out the gray areas for them. For example, say the Microsoft lawyers would go after you for dilution of trademark if you got the domain name miqrosoft.com. How much would you have to change the name, letter by letter, before the Microsoft lawyer would feel it wasn’t dilution of trademark? Too bad it would take hundreds of dollars per hour to find out. Anyway, the answer would probably be mjdnwoeiq.com. midnwoeiq.com is just too similar.

On the bus today, I tried downloading a video to the PSP from the internet. As it was downloading, the bus moved forward. The bus must have switched to a different router and the transfer stalled and the PSP froze.

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