Chatting with my cousin:
nathanalter: how many sodas per day is too many?
The SIRSLY: for whom?
nathanalter: me!
The SIRSLY: I’m the wrong person to ask. I drink … yeech… the equivalent of 6-8 cans a day min.
nathanalter: wow!
The SIRSLY: sickens me to think about it…oh well, time to crack open another.
nathanalter: yer gonna die!
The SIRSLY: my liver is gonna carmelize

Today, there was an odd deal at dell.com where one could get a 2.4 GHz
PC for $178 (after a $100 mail-in rebate). After only a few hours,
the deal is already gone. I couldn’t pass it up.
We’ll see if they actually deliver on this or if it was a pricing
error of some kind. I’m guessing it was too good to be true.

Update: just got acknowledgment e-mail. Still yet to receive a formal
confirmation e-mail. It might happen.
A bunch of people here at work were ordering them. It was like
Wonka was selling chocolate bars with golden tickets. The price listed
on the site is now $1200.

Update: It’s not looking good. Most of the orders have been cancelled.
Ah well, at least I saved $178 that I wasn’t going to spend in the first place.

Update (next day): A co-worker is going so far as to go to the local media over the
mistake, using words like fraud, theft and deception.
He’s rather..eh..extreme in general.
He said he was up all night talking to Dell operators.

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