friend of ours, who is a realtor, says people actually order houses with
feng shui design built-in. Ya know, I should arrange our house in anti-feng
The new game I got, Kingdom
has characters from Squaresoft’s famous Final Fantasy series.
Everytime a character from the Final Fantasy series appears in the game,
the camera pauses on them for a little while. It’s kinda like in a sitcom
when there is a special guest star on the show and they pause for applause.
This morning as I passed
the same campaign sign five times on a road near our neighborhood, I thought,
“ya know, I wasn’t going to vote for Chris after the first three signs,
but he really became convincing on the fourth. By the fifth sign, I was
ready to campaign for him myself.” Bleh, litter.
I was thinking I’d finally
found the bible on MP3 CDs and would probably order it so we could play
it in the car. But then I heard this
sample from the CDs. Bit too loopy for my taste. Actually, the site
offers a few versions for free download. I’ll probably just end up downloading
some mp3s.

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