an article about why text books are so insanely expensive, and the nasty tricks that
text book companies use to keep selling them. If you buy them used, the publisher will
just release more new versions, making your’s useless. Importing them is something I hadn’t
thought of.

The bus was exceedingly full this morning…fullest I’ve seen it. Since I have
to put my bike on the rack on the front of the bus, I’m the last one on. Everyone sits
on the aisle-side of their seat so you can’t sit with them. (You remember the school bus.)
There was a man repeating the “drinks are prohibited” sign verbatim to people who had
drinks with them. Not sure if he worked there or was just a concerned citizen.
Even the back of the bus was full so I sat next to a large fellow in the rotating elbow
at the center of the bus.

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