The abbreviation for pound is “lb” because there was a 12 ounce Roman unit called a libra.

Office Depot was having a sale
on PSP memory cards. I got a larger one and was watching videos on the bus this morning.
There aren’t many videos on the internet targeted at PSP yet. You have to have it in a particular
resolution and convert it to a file named M4VXXXXX.mp4. So anyway, if you’ve got video content, convert it
to be viewed on a PSP and offer it on the internet. Get in while you can.
What else are people gonna watch on PSP right now?

It turns out Netflix punishes you for renting too many DVDs per month by taking
longer to ship the DVDs you rent.
People who rent fewer DVDs get a faster turnaround. Netflix just had a
for this in which they upgrade you by another DVD for one month but then start charging you.

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