In the computer game I play, you get badges on your record for a lot of things.  Basic engineer badge, basic first aid badge, basic aviator badge. After work, we’re going to Top Dog where I hope to earn my basic Polish sausage badge.  Perhaps even a ribbon for meritorious relish use!

Yet more lingual oddity (reverse chronologically speaking).  A woman on 6 Music had a song title written as, “Que  N’ai-Je” on the website. But she said the name of the song and it just sounds like “Ken Age”. Why would the French go through so much punctuated insanity just to say Ken Age? Suspiciously like Klingon if you ask me.

Most of my page views right now are coming from people looking for pictures of “baclava”, which is actually spelled “baklava”. However, the filename of the picture I linked to spelled it “baclava”. I guess this is like finding a good deal on ebay for a “laptop comptuer” because the seller misspelled it and you’re the only one bidding. I could get all kinds of  hits by having links to misspelled jpegs on the page…but I’d prefer that people read the page for its mind. (Who am I kidding?) Here’s a picture of Gorilaz and a tranzformer!

Kate Bush has a pretty good new song they’re playing a lot on 6 Music. However, the lyrics are unintelligible. From what I can tell, the first thing she says in the song is, “cijeeseetheaislesonweather.” I assume this is Welsh for, “It’s been years since my last CD.”

A friend of ours said that the transformer for our dead doorbell could actually be in the doorbell, itself. (Imagine that.) This would explain why I couldn’t find it anywhere in the house. All that remains is to replace the doorbell and badly shock myself in the process.

In other lyric news, they were saying on BBC radio that the new Gorillaz song, “DARE”, is so-called because Shaun Ryder (of the Happy Mondays) couldn’t pronounce “there”. The song says, “It’s dare” so there might be some truth to this.   Ah, many is the time that the elaborate phonetics of “there” have stumped me.

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