Listening to “I, Robot” audiobook. I have to wince through Asimov’s predictions about the future from a 1950 point of view. Walking robots are supposed to be commonplace by now but New York was supposed to have banned them because they were taking all our jobs. If they talk, it takes a huge computer that makes them twelve feet tall. (All computers are huge.) In the future, they still love to print stuff out on paper. Everybody smokes and has large mustaches and mutton chop sideburns. Of course, if I had to make predictions about the future, I wouldn’t think I’d be much more accurate. But I’ll tell ya this…ear hair will be eradicated…but tiny telemarketing nanobots will constantly lodge in your ear canal so you won’t be able to hear anyway. Large baggy gangsta clothes will almost certainly be in style as they are now.

Jeremy: [I just got a flu shot and my arm is really hurting.]
Nathan: small bony arms such as ours aren't made for injections
Jeremy: nope.
Jeremy: they probly accidentally injected the serum into the marrow..

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