If we are lucky, fighting between companies will hurt
more than consumer knowledge.
(Consumers are ignorant in general, but this could force them to become more knowledgable
about the evils of Digital Ripoff Management.)
Look at the FAQ
for Sony’s copy protected CDs (pretty evil stuff). For the casual CD
user, it’s Sony’s DRM vs. Apple’s DRM (if you don’t know how to get around it all).
The casual user has to either give up on getting that new CD on their ipod, or
read up and learn how to get around the copy protection and rip to mp3.
(Hold shift as you insert the CD and never allow a music CD to autoplay.
to rip to mp3.)

Which one will they do? So, the more annoying all of this copy protection
and DRM is, the more people will learn to hate it and be alert for it.

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