We recently watched Jurassic Park. Lesson learned: All little girls know Unix and its 3D interface.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Guitar Hero for the PS2.
It’s like DDR. Yes, you need another expensive custom
controller for it…an
electric guitar this time. 70 for the game and controller. Has
these famous songs. If you got all
the custom controller games out there, yer living room would be overcrowded with various mics,
taiko drums, maracas, dancepads, guitar, etc. Wackety. If only all these custom controllers
actually transferred any skills to real life. “Well, at least I can play Higher Ground
on a guitar-like device and do a dance-like movement in a 3×3 square on the floor.” Actually,
the maracas and taiko drum knowledge might really transfer, but I wouldn’t know, since
I’ve never used the real things.

Update: Kiernan notes that Guitar Hero’s songs are cover versions…not the original songs. Shows
how much I know about rock music.

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