annoying new trend is for websites to put lots of search terms and useful
information into their pages for google
to find but then when you click on the link in google, it turns out the
part of the page that had the info you wanted is missing and they want
you to give ’em money to subscribe. Take this
page, for example, which turned up in a search for Quicktime. Notice that
“Quicktime” appears nowhere on the page. Yeah, like anybody’s going to
pay for access to a webpage when there are a million others with the same
information. Ew yech…If you live in Albuquerque, check out this
list of Albuquerque restaurant health code violations. I hope they’ve cleaned up by now.
For example,
NE, 4/27/01
– equipment, food prep dishes
in mop sink, numerous tubs of raw chicken, beef, pork, shrimp left at room
temperature throughout food prep area, refrigerated food (noodles and clam
chowder) too warm, employees not washing hands after handling raw food
and wiping floor then prepping food, employees drinking from uncovered
I trained on Stomp to My
Beat in DDRMAX last night on Heavy mode. A 7-foot difficulty. I managed
to get a B on it by the end of the evening (in training mode with the hand
claps helping.) Grrr…I thought I’d gotten
rid of the Quicktime system tray icon but it added itself back when I rebooted!
How important do they think they are? So I tried renaming the executable (qttask.exe)
that it calls to activate the icon. We’ll see how they do next reboot…it
Heard on IRC
this morning: “I just ate 100g of smoked cheese.”

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