I’m beginning to realize I have little respect for doing anything on paper anymore.
I’ve started getting rid of lots of periodicals and so on because I figure if it’s not
in electronic form, it’s taking too much space. We’re about to hopefully implement
a system at work that will greatly reduce our paper use. With hard drives down to
about a dollar per gigabyte, it just seems silly. Eventually,
I hope to have my desk down to a small pile of memory cards.
Power outages mean it’s time to go home! yay!

Silly spammers. “bolshevism,x, Look Younger while losing weight ”

Some people in the US are actually naming
their kids after name brands
. I hope these people are getting some huge lifetime sponsorship
of their children and not just naming their kids “Armani” voluntarily.
Hey Apple, I might be inclined to name
my kid “iPod”, should I receive a lifetime subscription to each new
iPod as it comes out. Well, maybe not. It’s hard enough coming up with a name
that can’t be made fun of in elementary school. Perhaps these people are taking
the direction of just making an easily ridiculed name in the first place.
Suppose you name the kid Dummy. Other kids would just feel it
was too obvious to make fun of the kid and wouldn’t bother. At least in theory.
But the comebacks would be so easy. Bully says, “Hey, Dummy, you’re dumb!”
Dummy introduces Bully to slow, sarcastic applause.

slashdot had two interesting articles today.
One was about mp3.com
being bought out.
You better get any mp3s you want from them now
because they’ll be gone on Dec 2.

they point to talks about the huge amount of instant messenger spam people
have been getting lately.

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