We visited my grandparents in Peralta this weekend. Grampa bought a cheap mountain bike
and bought a 400
kit that adds an electric motor.
With the battery pack on the bike, it’s
all pretty heavy and a bit difficult to maneuver. You can still ride the bike normally too.
He says he’s been riding it daily. I tried it and it gets up to about 20 mph. He said it gets
about 20 miles on a charge. Wonder how practical it would be for commute. Guess I’ll stick
with the bus for now.

Miscellaneous videogame stuff.
On the bus, I’ve finished Burnout Legends and am going back to some GBA games I never finished.
The bus is lit so I can actually see my old unlit Gameboy Advance.
Been playing Mario vs. Donkey Kong a bit.
Cute game, I guess. 3/5. Vanessa and I played a bit of the Return of the King game on PS2 in coop mode.
She can play the game without feeling nauseated because the camera doesn’t rotate around a lot.
She was Legolas
and I was Gimli or Aragorn. Pretty fun game…they did a good job of matching the movie…except
that some of the voice talent must have been too expensive and they had to substitute. In BF2
news, I’ve figured out the best way to keep anyone from joining your squad is to name it Defense.

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