I like the look of Hitachi’s new robot, EMIEW.
Looks pretty practical, design-wise. Like all cool robots, it’s not for sale.

I’ve returned to GIMP and Blender.
Learning a few things in GIMP that always mystified me. Learned that you do a connect-the-dots
selection using the path tool. Middle-mouse drag to scroll.
Still, questions remain. How do you smear a layer over its transparent part?
GIMP doesn’t seem to want me to smear over the transparent part of a layer. Also, how do you get around
this constant problem if you’re working with other programs that the main tool menu has to be alt-tabbed
separately from the main image window? I think everything should be attached to your main window.
It drives me crazy to be doing something in the image window
and have to go to the taskbar to hunt for the main tool dialog window. I must be missing something
fundamental about the way GIMP works.

Update: Press tab multiple times to move through your open dialogs.

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