Do you need a heart attack right now and don’t have time to wait around for
Carl’s Jr’s $6 burger to take effect?
Vanessa points out the
Hardee’s Monster Thickburger

A lab in Singapore is working on
Human Pacman.
See 3D stuff overlaid on what you see. I wanna play!
As with most virtual reality stuff, the gear you have to wear makes you look
really cool.

I took off work yesterday and watched Sean for a while while Vanessa sat
in a doctor’s waiting room for much of the day. I tell ya, taking care of a kid
takes a lot of energy! He survived my caretaking.
Later, we got the
Popeye DVD.

Driving on I-25 in Albuquerque: Let’s hit our brakes! Yeah, that’s a good one!
I wanna exit when it’s too late! Aright! Do it! Now change lanes! Don’t you
dare signal! Yeah! Hit your brakes! Woo!

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