Jeremy was telling me of his meal comprised of Pringles. This did two things.
It reminded me that I needed a Mountain Dew and also reminded me of
this skit.
Ho dee oten doten day!

GAIM on my work computer mysteriously quit working and I had to switch back to Trillian…commercial
though it may be. Hopefully they don’t have too many nag dialogs in their free version these days.
All “free” commercial software has to turn evil at some point…it’s the law.
Speaking of Trillian, we watched Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy last night. Trillian is the name
of the lady in the movie. (The actress was also in Elf.) I was surprised that the movie used some music
and stuff from the original BBC TV production. Wackety.

Since I have a nasty cold, Vanessa’s been taking me to work so I wouldn’t have to ride
my bike in the cold. The freeway just opened up more fully after a long period of
constricting construction. Of course, 2nd day it’s open, a big accident happens that blocks
it up on the way to work. We slowly make our way to an exit and frantically change radio
stations looking for a traffic report. “and now, the traffic report…but first, a bad joke.”
We’re irritatedly waving at the speaker to hurry up. “This traffic report sponsored by blah blah.”
Angry waving…hurry up! We get off now or never! Finally, just too late, they say it’s backed
up to the next exit. We squeeze through 2 traffic barrels and make our way through side
streets to the next exit. 20 minute commute takes 45 minutes. I hate depending on American
radio for anything. While sitting in traffic, I noticed an ad on the back of a semi.
Some advertising people are slapping their foreheads
and wondering why they didn’t think of that one before. You’ll see ads covering every square
foot of semis soon.

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