A watch
that’s better than mine! Doh! Battery lasts only 4 days. Never mind.
I’m on hold with MCI because
they ignored my cancellation of their service 3 months ago and continued
to charge me. They’re playing Kenny G. I thought bluegrass was bad. I’ll
probably be on hold forever. Ah, hours of Kenny G in one ear. It gets no
better. Wait! I finally talked to the guy! I prodded calmly and they’ll
send the refund check. Wow, score 15 bucks for the little guy. Hmm. That’s
about a dollar for each minute of Kenny G. If only I always got paid when
I incidentally had to listen to Kenny G.
an article about the extra fees that companies tack on these days, hoping
you won’t notice. (ie. Ticketmaster)
Ya know, bhangra goes well
with dub. There should be more collaborations.
Cousins visited this weekend.
Played a lot of DDRMAX. I played on standard while my cousin played on
light mode. After a while, he was able to figure out songs that had a large
discrepancy between light and standard mode so that he could school me.
Vanessa and I played more double pad mode yesterday. She’s up to 4-foot
difficulty on that. We’re getting up to a point where the pads are beginning
to move around a bit and we need to stabilize them somehow.

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