I was just thinking that games these days should be able to play around
with media files on your hard drive. For example, wouldn’t it be freaky
to walk up to TV in a game and find it playing a home movie or video of yours?
(Although the strain of doing 3D textures while playing compressed video might be too
much for a computer at the moment.)
Or to find a picture frame on a desk with a random picture from your hard drive.
Or to drive by a car on the road playing one of your mp3s. Or you walk into
a warehouse where people are dancing to one of your mp3s. I’m sure some
company will do this eventually if they aren’t already. BFV allows you to play
your own mp3s in the vehicles by putting mp3s in a special directory. However,
these personalized mp3s don’t come from other vehicles around you when they play music. Anyway,
it’s a start. I suppose the ultimate end of this would be that, surprisingly, people
you know in real life will surprisingly appear in the game. It could scan your pictures
and model a character on some person it finds there.

This site potentially
offers an extension for Firefox to allow embedded mp3s on webpages. (I sure
wasn’t gonna install Quicktime to do it.) Anyway, I tried the plugin, and get an error:
The specified alias is already being used in this application. Use a unique alias.
So maybe it’s not so great an idea…although the sound plays. Lemme know if you find a solution to this problem.

We watched Houseboat last night.
Through most of the movie, Sophia Loren seemed to be wearing an extremely tight belt
or something…to the point where it looked like it was constraining and damaging internal organs.
Quite creepy.

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