Peny (Vanessa’s gramma) is in town. Ate supper at mum-in-law’s last night.
Took leftover food from her house. Had leftovers from yesterday’s Thanksgiving
potluck at work today as well. It is leftover day. I am full of coffee
and pie and all kinds of junk so I’m feeling pretty leftover. But who’s
fault is that? During the potluck yesterday at lunch, we had a name-that-movie-sound-clip
game. I got 30/50. There was cheating going on all around though…you
just had to listen as people whispered the answers.
I continue to work on a song
in Buzz but I keep starting over
as though I were an author who can’t get the beginning of the story right
and litters the room with crumpled paper. Of course, the fact that I’m
doing music through random experimentation rather than knowledge doesn’t

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