Ok, here it is. Free video to PSP .mp4 conversion without Quicktime. Download and install the XviD binary. Download and run PSP Video 9. Voila! Unfortunately, I have learned that Sony crippled the PSP so that you couldn’t play full resolution (480×272) videos from the memory stick. (They limit you to something like 320×240.) Don’t want any competition for the proprie-licious UMD format now, do we? Hmm, I begin to trust Sony about as far as I can throw a crate of misaligned PS2s.

Update: Warning! You may have problems with the sound and video of your resulting mp4 being out of sync.

We went to Tingley Beach Saturday. It’s basically several very large stocked ponds where you can fish. There was even an Game and Fish officer in attendance. I saw on the bottom of the ponds that they were lined with plastic or something. If you ask me, it all seems kinda artificial to be able to fish in a city. If you ask me, fishermen and hunters wouldn’t be allowed to use any modern technology and would just be sent into the woods with the clothes on their backs. They could either get something to eat using homemade spears or get too hungry and give up. Now there’s some sport! Why, I’d be dead on the first day! We also took a long train ride around the area during which a man narrated the things we passed using a microphone that only allowed every third word to be understood.

I accidentally left my coffee cup in the break room over the weekend. I was shocked this morning to find it clean and white. (I think the cleaning crew cleans any dishes left in the break room.) It was my understanding that coffee molecules bond to the porcelain in an almost unbreakable stain. To think of the sandblasting the person probably had to do to get it clean makes me feel rather guilty.

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