Just realized my sleepy mistake of the day.
I’m wearing white sports socks with my dress shoes. Nice.

I was reading this
account of the Mars six-wheeled lander robot. It’s amazing how slowly
and carefully they have move the robot around. They’ll take one day just to move
a meter. Just one little unexpected bump or snag and the poor lonely little robot will have to
send a message that says, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”
Reminds me of a PL/SQL script I’m working on today that has to navigate
the huge number of erroneous names in the database to fix a few of them.
One unexpected JR., SR. or DR. and somebody’s account becomes very hard to find.

We played amateur veterinarian several times this weekend.
Cookie kept shaking the bandages off after a recent ear surgery
so we’d have to keep redoing it. She’s quite a vicious dog
when you’re trying to mess with her ears. The vet sedated her
when they bandaged her (at quite a handsome cost.) We had to do
it several times without the benefit of sedation. I cut the bottom off of
a huge plastic glass and put the muzzle in it so that we could
get it on her without getting bitten. Lemme tell ya, mamas don’t
let yer babies grow up to be vet assistants.

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