Alienware is doing some odd new things with PC
configurations. They are actually making a bit of the hardware themselves. They’re
trying to build a competitor
to Nvidia’s two card SLI setups.
Liquid cooled, 800 W power supply, 2 video cards. I don’t
think they’re out yet. Needless to say,
if you could afford one of these computers, you probably light cigars with hundred dollar bills
(or hot video cards). It’s like the Hummer of computers.

The new Nintendo DS is out, apparently.
It’s got some neat ideas. People are generally a bit disappointed by the lack
of any internet connectivity (Khaaaan!) on it but otherwise impressed.
Mario 64 on a handheld.
As usual, if it had
a nice feature like internet connectivity, Nintendo would prominently brag about it.
If they don’t, you know it’s not included. Of course, I suppuse there’s some possibility that they’d
make a web browsing/email cartridge later on or something since it would theoretically only take
software. The cartridges look like they’re about the size of an SD card.

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