Today is the day that phone companies must allow you to transfer your
land line phone # to a cellphone. I figure I’ll wait about a week
for them to work the kinks out and then look into switching from Qwest
to Verizon. Hmm. I wonder if cellphones have as many last-minute
fees tacked on the bill as Bell companies do.

Update: Doug says his $39 bill ends up being $52 after all fees and taxes.
Verizon is going to start charging 40 cents per month for the portability.
Hmm, that puts a damper on it. It’s almost double what we pay for landline.
Also, we need the landline for monitored alarm service.

We’re planning to drive to Houston to Vanessa’s
brother‘s house for thanksgiving.
That’ll take us all the way across Texas, diagonally as I understand it.
We’ll be gone Tuesday night through Monday.

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