On Thanksgiving day, we went to my sister and brother-in-law’s. That evening, my brother and Kyle and I played Risk. We had planned to play a full game. However, it turned into a loooong 3-way stalemate. When one would get too powerful, the other two would attack him, keeping a balance. The dice battles…I don’t know how many times we cast dice. Finally, it came down to a delicate interplay of sleep and outside obligations involving work and guardianship. Ethan decided it was time and he thinned out his forces taking out Kyle. He brought him down to only 3 armies but couldn’t quite finish him off. It was around 2 AM at that point and what 3 cards does Kyle happen to have? Yes, of course, Australia goes from 3 armies to 88! He’s back. We just kinda gave up at that point and said I won since their forces were thinned out at that point…but who knows? Risk could theoretically go on forever! We’re not playing that again without computer dice rolling.

A friend of ours came and helped repair our doorbell. And the secret location of the hidden rebel transformer? On the attic light fixture above the garage.

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