Hmm, trying to update this from vi. We’ll see how it goes. I still await
cable modem availability in my neighborhood. That might never happen
due to events
surrounding an excite@home bankruptcy. Great. I’ll be stuck with 24K
forever. Do you feel my pain? No, of course not…I’m whining.

Vanessa and I procured this
package from
. Disney DDR was pretty fun so far…it seems to grade us
easier than real DDR. But best of all, the pads don’t do as much
of that pushing-down-when-standing-in-the-middle thing with my big feet
as our old cheap Topway pads did. Wonder if I’ll get as good as
that Asian guy at the arcade. I hope not. That would take a frightening amount
of practice. Well, this is ideally supposed to be our daily exercise for
the moment.

Somebody brought Shipley’s donut boxes and put them in the breakroom. I went in like
a rabbit into a monkey trap…only to discover the horrible truth that they were
some kinda green chile sausage mixture bagel things. And, my friends, let me tell you
when your heart is set on the sweetness of a donut, anything non-sweet is a
cruel replacement.

I climbed from the 4th to the 16th story after I ate. That’ll take the wind outta
ya. I’m wheezin’ like Weezie Jefferson.

Lookitme! I’m bloggin’! I’m bloggin’! But unlike most bloggers, I hope it doesn’t
get as boring as reporting the consistency of the crumbs under my keyboard.

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