Another bit of trivia.
The original “badges” quote came from
Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
Here is the original sample.

Vanessa said around the day before thanksgiving, she had to go to Walmart for some reason.
There was some lady with some fellow confronting another fellow near the entrance and she was worried
it would come to blows. I can’t imagine what Walmart must have been like the day after
Thanksgiving. I would guess foaming mouths and tear gas are involved.
We were driving around a bit and maintained a wide berth.

I now have an RSS feed of my updates.

Super-nerd trivia of the day: transparent aluminum could have been discovered on an Amiga!
According to imdb, “The computer that Scotty uses to show transparent aluminum was
originally going to be an Amiga, but Commodore would only provide a computer if they bought it.
Apple was willing to loan them the Mac.”

Experience the magic of McRorie!
(guy in a kilt wearing a bunch of synthesizers to play music) This is
the future of DDR games! (maybe not)

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