I just realized Zelda for GBA and Kingdom Hearts basically have the same
premise. All the princesses are kidnapped and you have to get to the bottom
of it. Of course, that’s been a pretty common theme since Donkey Kong.
Through the geourl
website, I got email from my neighbor 2 doors away. Amusing.
This morning on the way to
work they were playing the Lemonheads song, “The Outdoor Type” on the radio.
Funny little ditty.

“Never learned to swim can’t
grow a beard or even fight

I lied about being the outdoor
Olympus had the brilliant
idea of coming up with yet ANOTHER proprietary memory
card format.
Guess I won’t be buying another Olympus digital camera.
You can only buy these cards from Olympus and can’t use them in palmtops
and electronics from other companies. Of course, that’s the point of them
for Olympus. Bah, I say.
We rented Fellowship of the
Rings extended version. The movie is now so long they had to split it into
two DVDs. Not to mention 2 more DVDs just to show how they made the movie.
The “making of” stuff was very interesting. Peter Jackson did some interesting
virtual reality camera stuff where he walked around with a stick that had
motion sensors on it as he wore goggles to see what his camera shots looked
like. Also, the stuff about how they made the hobbits look small was interesting…gives
me all kinds of ideas for trick camera shots. One way to do it is to just
film one person further away from the camera than the other person. They
also used extremely short and extremely tall stand-in actors. They built
large and small versions of many props. They also used look-alike masks
for the small actors as well as using computers to put the real actor’s
face over the smaller actor’s face. I was thinking that if they auctioned
off all of the props on ebay, they could double their profits. I wonder
if Peter Jackson kept the ring.

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