is an interesting news story involving a kid in Rio Rancho getting suspended
for taking 2 sodas from the machine when he’d only paid for one, what you
really need to take away from it is that it was FIRST REPORTED ON KOAT ACTION 7 NEWS!

We replaced Vanessa’s bad DDR pad this weekend. Sad to think that the
amounts we’ve spent replacing the soft pads would have been equivalent
to purchasing a nice hard pad.
Ah well, file under exercise equipment.

I was just thinking it’s odd how the Nintendo family of games like
Mario and Zelda are so popular and yet they punish you so severely for
mistakes. For example, in Super Mario World on GBA, you have to repetitively traverse
the same course and fall into the same hole 20 times before you
happen to be lucky enough to
pass the level. Zelda: A Link to the Past on GBA was full of impossible
puzzles that could only be solved by looking on the internet…unless you
were either incredibly lucky or had the patience to re-traverse the entire
game world to find some vital object. After I finish Super Mario World, I’m
off Mario and Zelda games totally! (yeah, right)

It looks like the 20 questions
game I posted about a while back may eventually come out in some
portable version.
It’s fun but I don’t know if I’d bother to buy it. I think I’d be more
interested in buying their database on a CD for use in a robot or something.
“No, a cheese p? does not go on your head, sir. Beedeebeedeebeep.”
“Thank you, Jeevesbot.”

We went to visit the congregation in Deming. Deming is in southern
New Mexico, close to Mexico. Our friend, Eiland, showed us a large camp he had set up
with an obstacle course. It included a
zip line…one of those bars
that slides down a sloping cable on a pulley as you hang on. He pulled me
up a short distance on it and let me slide down. Ah, that’s fun stuff.

As I pulled out of the driveway this morning, I said to Vanessa,
“I put the Venus Hum mp3s on your PDA.” “Honey, that was rude!”
I thought, “what? rude to put music on the PDA?”
“You almost backed into that car when you backed out of the driveway!”

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