11/3/2003 lunch

Oh Lunch Diary. How I have neglected you. But now it is time for
weekend happy ultra update mission!
Saturday evening we went to Little Saigon near Central and Juan Tabo.
(How many “Saigon” Vietnamese restaurants are there? Way too many.)
It was super-tasty. They had a big screen TV with Vietnamese karaoke.
I began to realize how hopeless it would be for me to try to pronounce
Vietnamese by reading it. I contemplated getting a job as an actor
in Vietnamese karaoke video CDs. You get to walk around in the wind
and be filmed in slow motion! How cool is that?
Last night we went to Chili’s in Los Lunas where there is
never a line. We shared fajita quesadillas and Paradise Pie…which is mostly
chocolate, butter and ice cream. Total: 40,000,000 calories. Flawless victory.

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