I found a site with photoshopped WWII posters talking about some of the
people you meet online in BF 1942 (an online game). Pictures like
one and this one
and this one
and this one.

And now, a moment of silence for Belty, the dress belt.

Belty has been with me for many years through the curse
of business casual. He was purchased before time began in a low-end
department store. Not surprisingly, he began to crack soon. But
Belty was not a quitter! He was reversible! I reversed him
and it turned out that his other side was incredibly durable.
Many years later, he would still perform his duties, but
aesthetic values begin to come into play and I must show him mercy
and allow him to retire. Ah, I remember how he outlasted John’s belt
in the decrepit belt contest so greatly that John had forgotten
about the contest! So long, Belty! May you never
have to touch another pair of dress slacks again.

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