Grrr, I figured out I’ve been using an mp3 CD for a coaster. The price
you pay when you have so many CD coasters lying around.
I was just pointed to a friend’s
website, popsynth.com. Cool domain
name! Anyway, he has a link to something called Dance
With Intensity
It lets you play DDR on your PC with any song you want!
(mp3, etc.) You can come up with your own steps too, just like in the real
DDR. You would have to get an adaptor for your dance pad to connect to
the PC or just use the keyboard. The file format used is .DWI What an idea!
I kiss you!
Figured out how to increase
the bit-rate in sound recorder last night. It’s under Files->Properties->Convert….
You have to do it every time you record a new sound because it resets when
you say New File. An easier method is to set bitrate, record, save, and
then Edit->Delete Before Current Position and re-record. I had to use Sound
Recorder because it takes the wav-in from my sound card on which I do effects.

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