I was watching Star Trek: Generations last night with Vanessa
and she’s quite good at making fun of Star Trek movies.

We gave Sean his first major haircut this weekend. Giving a squirming
screaming baby a haircut ain’t easy.

We went to the grand opening of the mum-in-law’s
Filipino fast food mart here in Albuquerque
and they had a pretty good turnout. The food was good, of course.
I tell ya, running a restaurant looks like hard work. We tanked
up on
calamansi soda
which is kinda like Citra.

By the way…if you’re rendering in Blender and wondering why
it’s only using 50% of your CPU (and system idle task is using another 50%), it’s probably
because your computer has hyperthreading. You can verify
this by looking at the task manager performance tab and
seeing if you have two CPU graphs. Windows seems to think
you have two CPUs. I dunno
how it works.
Goodbye, folks!

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