I hate it when my computer has
potato problems.

Had internet problems all weekend. Hrm.
There seems to be some
about it on dslreports.com. But aside
from that, it was a good weekend. Vince and Kiernan came over and we
nerded all weekend. One day we had Vietnamese for lunch. Kiernan ordered
something and when it got to him, it oddly had what seemed to be raw beef
which kinda freaked out a few of us. Fortunately, Vince finished it off for
him and he ordered something more to his liking. I had the super-oniony curry
chicken with onions, onions and onions. Eh, I’ve had better…but it was my
fault for ordering the wrong thing. The next day, we had Indian buffet (India Palace).
As usual, we ended up waddling out of the place…stuffed with good food.

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