Looks like the free AVG anti-virus
is forcing you to change versions of their program. Wonder
if it’s mainly just for more ad intrusion. They already manage to stick an ad in all
your email if you have it scan your email. Guess it’s the price of free
virus updates. I just disable the email checking and use Thunderbird

We rented Spiderman 2 last night. I watched the documentary that came with it.
They went into excruciating detail on how they made the Spiderman costume.
Guess they were targeting the tailoring crowd? I woulda liked more detail on
the computer effects. Eh, but everybody gets their turn, I guess. Maybe
the next documentary will be on the movie’s accounting and financing. Danny
Elfman (composer/Oingo Boingo dude) looked like he was about to die. Maybe too much work.

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