Here’s a free game called Cloud. Fly around
and gather clouds together. Controls are a bit confusing, but it’s an original idea. Of course,
since the camera can rotate around the character, Vanessa can’t even look at the game.

Looks like my trial 1and1 account has run out. I’m toying with the idea of buying their
3/month 5000 MB domain plan. Problem is it’ll be difficult to come up with an easy
to spell and remember domain name. I figure it has to be .com because that’s the default.
People can’t remember if something is .net or whatever. Of course, I had planned to name
our kid something easy to spell and what do we name him? Sean..which I always thought was
“seen” when I saw it in text as a kid…a name he will have to spell out every time he
tells it to someone.

During church services, I’ve been letting Sean play with my watch. At first he liked
to just push the face button and the text on the watch would change. No problem.
But now he’s figured out the sequence of buttons to get it to make little beeps. It’s
too noisy so I can’t let him play with it anymore. Aww, Sean’s first hack. Brings
a tear to me eye.

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