My cubicle neighbor pointed me to the Albuquerque Rocket Society.
Guess they have launches every month. Another co-worker had pointed me to the
Duke City Model Yacht Club which sails RC sailboats
on the Rio Grande.

I’m trying to bid on ebay for the first time.
The seller is selling a lot of the same computer (Dutch auction).
A most nerve-wracking experience. I’ve lost the auctions 3 times now. This time it’s
personal. Yay! I’ve finally
I guess there is something where you tell ebay the max you’d want to spend and it bids
for you…that explains all the times I’d wait till the last minute of the auction and still
be outbid. Well, this finally means I’m putting together a computer again.
salescircular.com is listing some hard drives
for 1 per gig after rebate. This’ll be a very cost-effective upgrade if it works out.
That’s new motherboard, CPU + fan, case, hard drive, Windows XP upgrade all for 326. The
motherboard will take my old memory.

We were watching some old movie the other day on ye olde movie channel.
During a commercial, they briefly showed a series of movie clips. One
of them was Mickey Rooney, the greatest overactor ever, applauding like
an overcharged cymbal monkey…big smile and all. Wish I had that in an animated

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