Here’s a neat little program.
Lets you use Windowskey-V to paste the simple ASCII text version of what you copied to your buffer…instead
of the silly Microsoft special formatted version. Boy, with all the workaround programs like
Firefox (no more internet explorer), Thunderbird (no more Outlook Express), Audacity (no more Sound
Recorder), GIMP (no more MS Paint), GAIM (no more MSN Messenger), etc.,
Windows is getting less and less annoying to use.

The secret Find Next key combination in Microsoft Word is ctrl-pagedown. I guess they wanted
to avoid using the standard Windows F3 to give it an air of mystery?

I was thinking about disassembling our old Exilim
camera to try to air-can out the pocket lint that I theorize is on the back of the lens,
causing spots on the pictures. Then
again, trying to open up some of the world’s smallest electronics and reassembling it later
would probably not be my strong point. Maybe I could just use this as an excuse to
treat the camera wrecklessly and
fly it on a kite or stick it on an RC car.

A few things I want to enter for search engines and people looking
for info that’s hard to find. If you pull in sounds in Magix
Video Deluxe, save the movie, reload it, and find that the sounds
shrink for some reason, it’s probably because they were 8 kHz
sounds. (Magix Video Deluxe is very sensitive, and thinks you are taunting it
so it lashes out in anger.) You have to convert the wavs to 22 kHz or
something…which brings me to another point.
You change the sound kHz
in Audacity by clicking on the little button in the lower-left of the
screen. Took me a while to find that. Another point…there
is no such thing as a Panasonic car stereo auxiliary input adapter.
Please prove me wrong.

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