you can opt out of credit card junk mail at 1-888-5-OPT-OUT.
Looks like the recording
industry is going insane. (Its cheese has slid off its cracker.)
is a case where girl scouts were prohibited from singing things like “Happy
Birthday” unless they paid a fee. Here
is a case where Finnish taxi drivers are being forced to pay fees to play
the radio in their cars.
12/02/2002  This
(realvideo) is MY United States of Whatever.
My friend Kelly and his wife
bETHANy had their baby. Named him ETHAN. The Amazing 1-foot Man!
He doesn’t have a beard like Kelly does. Remind me never to go into labor.
Vanessa thought it was a
bit strange when I sang (to the Phantom of the Opera melody) “fish heads,
fish heads, rolly-polly fish heads!”
We went to Mountainair this
weekend for my great grandparents’ 73rd anniversary. That’s a long time!
On a side note, Mountainair has this
with swastikas on it. (To be fair, the swastika is coincidentally
a Native American design as well as a design in other cultures.)
Went to mum-in-law’s for
thanksgiving. Ate a great deal of dessert. Played a great deal of Need
For Speed. (31, 19 we have a spike strip setup on the left near the ruins.)

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