a reasonably cool radio station in Utah
of all places. Not too bad so far. But you have to go to a lot of trouble
downloading some special evil player to hear them. (Why is the best music
always in such evil proprietary formats like realaudio and windows media?)
Anyway, this station plays more obscure 80’s stuff. Lotsa commercials like
most American stations.
We’re flying out to L.A.
area tonight to see Vanessa’s relatives. Hopefully the extreme flight delays
in the east won’t affect us. We’ll be out there a few days.
I got this
(realaudio) little ditty stuck in Vanessa’s head this morning because I
kept singing it over and over again. All the ducks are swimming in the
water! Falderalderalder! Falderalderalder! (Lemon Jelly is a wacky group.)

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