I think it turns out that 320×240 .mp4 files that play on a PSP will also play on a video iPod. Neato.
A coworker has a video ipod. Very impressively small with the screen being as large as it
can be on that form factor.

Well, Vanessa and I brainstormed to find an untaken domain name last night.
It was like playing Scrabble. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a non-squatted domain
name. We finally settled on jigbot.com. A little tip
if you are trying to figure out a domain name for yourself: slug is not a very popular word.
For now, the site will just have a frame that points here. Whoa! It’s, like, recursive and stuff!

We got around to playing Alhambra yesterday with Kyle and Amanda. Vanessa scored off the board and
stomped all of us. She also stomped her gramma and I in Scrabble the day before. Oi, with
the stomping and the winning.

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