We went over to the mum-in-law’s last night so Vanessa could model for some sort
of 12-foot puppet (as one is often called upon to do). What advancements have been made in cable TV programs
since we got rid of it?
Extreme dodgeball. Yup, that’s about it.

Update: They are no longer using Vanessa as the photographic source for the puppet. Ah, que lastima.

Our newest router (Linksys WRT54G) seems to be having problems. This concludes my journey
through all major consumer brands of routers. Conclusion? They are all junk. I guess
the next stop is some sort of thousand dollar Cisco switch or something? Bleh.
I’ve tried Netgear, D-Link (2 of them), and Linksys (2 of them).

I am convinced of spammers trying random email addresses. How else could
they have gotten hold of my google email account which I’ve given out to about three people?

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