I was reading the trivia for Tron:
‘The poster in Alan’s cubicle reads, “Gort Klaatu Barada Nikto”
(a reference to the sci-fi classic The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)).’
This caught my attention because I have a coworker with that same thing written in his cubicle.
I asked my coworker about it and this is just a coincidence.
(Like much of earth’s population, he doesn’t even like Tron.)

What is the difference between the Japanese flag with a single dot and the Japanese
flag with the rays coming out of the dot? Apparently, the one with the rays is
the Japanese navy flag…at least during WWII…dunno if it still is.

I’ve been trying to fix an old Windows 98 computer for somebody. Been a
while since I reinstalled Windows 98 on a machine. Ah, the good old
south bridge driver installation, random crashing, spontaneous reboots, etc. I’d
forgotten about some of it with Windows XP. Their videocard has become quite picky
and doesn’t seem to like to do 3D anymore. I never did figure out that “seeing
a windows 98 computer on an XP network neighborhood” thing. That’s what
Cerberus FTP server is for. Run it on the Windows
XP machine and just use Internet Explorer on the 98 machine to get the files.

I figured I’d try Flickr for miscellaneous
pictures. Fotolog was eventually bogged down
by swarms of Brazilians. (Brazilians love Fotolog for some reason.) You can hardly
load a page on there anymore within half a minute. It seems that the way free photo publishing
sites go is that you swarm from one to the other as each becomes bogged down. Anyway,
Flickr offers RSS feeds and searches of all user pictures by tag.

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