Just found this site for finding musical recommendations. It looks pretty useful for those with more obscure tastes in music.

Here’s an interesting article about the dollar value of virtual objects in online games. Amusing to think that people are actually making money from virtual objects. Also interesting to think about the possibility of creating your own objects in games…perhaps things like a ghetto blaster that plays mp3s from the player’s hard drive. All sorts of odd interactions between the virtual and the real world could happen. Perhaps you could put digital pictures from your hard drive into a picture frame in the game. Perhaps the game could scan your website bookmarks, documents and mp3 file names and learn a great deal about you to tailor the game accordingly. You can download objects like clothes or other things for The Sims at websites like this one.

Went to doc for physical this morning. All systems are running within acceptable parameters. Still must do blood test of some kind. I had never gone for a full physical before and I figured I might as well since I’m paying for insurance. It was somewhat like taking a car in for a tune-up.

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