Such cruel irony. In the database at work, I am looking at record 586 out of 1942.
All day long, the one thousand nine hundred forty two records will mock me as I am
not playing BF 1942.

I’m sorta looking for an mp3 CD walkman-like device that broadcasts to FM
(so I can tune into it on the car stereo)
and plugs into the car’s cigarrette lighter. The problem is that I
have found cheapo players and cheapo FM transmitters, but both of them
want the cigarrette lighter. I don’t want to use any batteries because
I’d have to be recharging them all the time. I just need the one
player that does it all. Alas, there is no such animal, it seems.

I went with Vanessa this morning to her prenatal doctor appointment.
The doctor used a tricorder-looking thing on Vanessa’s belly so
we could all hear the baby’s heartbeat. It was stronger than last time, of course.
She’s about 4 months along. Things are going well. Pretend you’re listening to some
downtempo beats in an old bookstore in London and you’re going out for curry later with
yer mates. After that, an evening of internet gaming. Me mind drifted into
a parallel dimension for a moment!

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